Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Days

I have often admired the bloggers who run around all day with their cameras and are prepared to be inspired and take the great photo for their blog.  For some reason, I often forget to take my camera.  So on Saturday I went out to run errands and this time I was armed with my camera and ready to snap whatever took my fancy.

The Brentwood Country Mart is really the heart of my neighborhood.  It's been around for 65 years.  When my daughters were little I would bring them here for sweet little dresses and outfits at the Hansel and Gretel shop for children, which sadly is no longer in existence.  They would take a ride on the mechanical pony on the pavilion and have lunch at Reddi-Chick which serves the best rotisserie chicken and fries in Los Angeles.  And there was a great toy store.

I still love this place and often find myself there. One of my favorite haunts is Diesel books, the only independent book store in the area and I try to support it whenever I can.  Yesterday I was looking for a gift for my husband for Father's Day and I was excited to find "The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris" by David McCulloucgh.

Diesel Books

New book by David McCullough

I also love to go to Sugar Paper, a great stationery store for personalized cards and invitations

The inside of Sugar Paper.  How pretty is this stationery store!

Botany, an exquisite little flower shop, is also one of my favorites 

They made this for me in December

And this one as well, I just took in my vases

Sweet Rose Creamery

And finally, I always have to peek into Sweet Rose Creamery, the latest and most delicious addition to the Brentwood Country Mart.  This is Zoe Nathan's old-fashioned ice cream shop.  Everything here is made with the freshest and most delicious ingredients. She also owns Huckleberry and Rustic Canyon restaurants in Santa Monica.

Taking photos and putting them on my blog has given me such a wonderful new perspective on my environment. Seeing the photos and telling the story is one of the fringe benefits of being a blogger.  I think it adds an extra layer of richness to my life, and helps me appreciate the beauty that is really all around me.


An exciting postscript --  I wrote an essay  for "Women's Voices for Change."  You can click here to read it.  I hope you enjoy my musings on having a big birthday and a daughter getting married, both in the same month!


  1. The essay you wrote is beautiful. How amazing that your daughter decided to acknowledge your birthday at her own wedding - it shows so much love, respect and confidence.
    As for your post - the Brentwood Country Mart has been part of my neighborhood for so many years too. I always get upset at the changes, and then find I embrace them. I love lunch at Farmshop, and like you, was at Diesel yesterday, looking for a few books. It's not Dutton's, but I do love it there, and buy something whenever I can - don't want it to close!

  2. Mom,

    Wish I could have been running around with you doing these errands. I have SUCH wonderful memories of the country mart...playing dress-up and eating that delicious roasted chicken.

    Congrats about the essay! It's so beautifully written. I love it!!! xoxo

  3. Wonderful pictures of my favorite place in the neighborhood. It's such a
    focal point for us, a big part of why we love living nearby. I can't wait for Farmshop to open for dinner. Target date is supposedly early August. Bravo.

  4. I really love seeing your photos! Sugar Paper is a company I have admired from a far and it's fascinating to see their shop, it's so pretty. I also really enjoyed your essay, it was very insightful and touching.

  5. I can tell you truly have a love affair with the written word. I just purchased that book as well...haven't begun reading yet....but soon.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely neighborhood.



  6. Love this and all your posts, and your photos, too! Great blog. (By the way, it's spelled "stationery" not "stationary." The latter means "immobile.")

  7. Oops!... yes that is true and I have made the change.

  8. Firstly - I just ADORE your new header - simply beautiful!! And I love the inside peek at your lovely neighborhood - lucky you!! I love Sugar Paper- I did a profile on the girls last fall - they are the best!! Also dying to read the McCullough - he was our author - an elegant, lovely man!!

  9. You do know Quintessence!! Didn't I recommend her blog to you? It sometimes feels like a vast never ending world out here and sometimes a tiny close knit group. I read the entire essay and it was so inspirational. I am feeling so sad about my daughter's impending last year of high school. This essay really helped me see that there will be fun times in the future. The wedding description was just DREAMY! Congratulations!

  10. I'm glad you took your camera with you, as you captured some wonderful shots. Love the stationary store, and the flora, especially.

    I'm here via Vintage Reads, and I'm quite delighted with your beautiful blog.

  11. Americans in Paris looks interesting. On the same theme, I'm considering buying Paris Wife by Paula McLean (about Hadley Hemmingway). Good essay.

  12. Oh no - that should have been Hemingway!

  13. Books and stationery, flowers and ice cream!
    Four things that make my world go round.