Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn, Vermont, and The Pitcher Inn

There are certain cozy movies that linger in my memory, movies with quotes that keep on giving.  One of them is "Baby Boom" with Diane Keaton.  When her character moves from New York to Vermont with her baby, the coziness just won't quit.  A funny scene occurs in a general store (ubiquitous in Vermont) when out-of-towners are looking at some goods, and one of them comments on the "cuteness" of an item, and another one responds, "The whole state is cute."

The Pitcher Inn

Last week I was reminded of that quote when my husband and I returned to our favorite New England inn, The Pitcher Inn in Warren, Vermont.  We were told we had missed the "peak" of the fall foliage, which is usually Columbus Day weekend. But the area was still beautiful, having a more austere scenery, with paler colors than usual.  You could sense the transition between seasons.

The Pitcher Inn is set beside a rushing stream in Warren, a quaint village near Sugarbush, one hour south of Burlington.  It has an interesting story.  The Inn was recreated after a fire in 1993 burnt the original 1800's structure.  The new structure was designed with a nostalgia for the past.  The nine rooms and two suites each tell a story of the state's history.  Each room reflects a particular Vermont theme.  Our room was the "Calvin Coolidge" room.

The area around the Pitcher Inn offers all kind of activities in the fall, including antiquing, hiking, fishing, or touring the countryside.  But my favorite activity while at the Pitcher Inn is not leaving it at all.  Breakfast in the dining room always includes homemade pastries. After that, hanging out in the library, reading in front of the fire, or tackling one of the jigsaw puzzles is my kind of happiness.  Downstairs is a rustic bar and lounge called Tracks.  We have spent many happy hours there playing cards, darts, and pool.

Fresh pastries each morning

The Library

Jigsaw puzzle nook

Tracks Bar

Pool Room

This was our fourth visit to the Pitcher Inn and as always I felt "looked after" by the general manager Ari Sadri.  Most country hotels are no longer associated with a genial host who looks after the guests and welcomes them so warmly.  This is not the case at the Pitcher Inn.  Ari and his wonderful family live in a house right behind the Inn, and so they are often around, and the guests inevitably get to know them.  Ari is happy to provide maps, tips on what to see in the area, restaurant suggestions, and many stories about this beautiful part of Vermont.  He and his family have become friends of ours over the years.

Ari Sadri

After our stay at the Pitcher Inn ended, we drove to Woodstock, another charming village in Vermont.  Here are some  scenes from Main Street.  Boy do they know how to do fall in Vermont!

Coming home the day before Halloween, I was inspired to do my own little autumn scene in Los Angeles.

Happy Fall!


  1. the Pitcher Inn looks amazing. i love all the photos you posted. happy fall to you too! xo

  2. this is uber cozy! wish we were there! xoxo

  3. I miss the Pitcher Inn! One of my favorite places on this earth...I love Ari and his family. Such good memories...can't wait to go back! xoxo

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