Friday, November 11, 2011

Jewels of Autumn

Autumn flowers from Joey Corrigan

A flower arrangement in a vintage suitcase?  Flowers in a moss covered handbag?  These are the creative ideas of Joey Corrigan from Sticks and Stones Floral Design.  When I heard that he would be giving a demonstration on "Holiday Decor" at Virginia Robinson Gardens I knew I had to be there.    

Joey has a history with Robinson Gardens and the historic 1911 Beaux Arts home in Beverly Hills that was owned by Harry and Virginia Robinson.  Each year florists and designers decorate all the rooms in the house for the annual Garden Tour.  This past year Joey did the flowers in the master bedroom. 

His arrangements at the foot of the bed are in moss covered handbags 

Masses of flowers on the mantle

As you can see from the photos above Joey's signature style includes using whimsical and surprising containers for his flower arrangements.

And so yesterday at his floral workshop I was not surprised when he began with a vintage suitcase as his container. We were all mesmerized as he turned this plain and utilitarian item into a beautiful fall flower arrangement.  We watched as he worked step by step to create a composition of vintage autumnal beauty. 

Starting with hydrangeas and dahlias, he began to compose his floral masterpiece

These jewel-like spray roses began to bring some real depth to the arrangement

Pomegranates, fall foliage and golden yellow roses filled it out

Voila!  A truly original creation.  Wouldn't this be beautiful for a "Bon Voyage" party? 

He also made one of his original flower-filled handbags 

It was inspiring to watch Joey Corrigan from Sticks and Stones Floral Design compose his floral artistry.  He created a fantasy of fall color and enchantment.  If you believe in the language of flowers you can see that these compositions speak volumes.  It seems that fall pleasures, homey comforts, and perhaps even a burst of wanderlust are just around the corner.  


  1. So lovely!!
    I want to adopt him so he can do flowers for me everyday!

  2. Gorgeous!! What exquisite arrangements!!

  3. I'm not generally a fan of what I would consider "contrived" flower arrangements, but I'm blown away by the beauty and originality of these.

  4. Sunday, you've done it. You have inspired me to seek out some different containers for my next arrangement. These are gorgeous.

  5. You're so right about the Bon Voyage party!!! What a great idea :)

  6. I am in awe of this fellow's talent. Those orchids on the mantle are above and beyond...I'd love to have those here in my humble bungalow.

  7. I do like large scale flower arrangements. Those peach roses are divine!