Friday, January 11, 2013

Downton Abbey, Season Three

Wasn't it wonderful?

There were so many poignant moments.  Here are three that made me choke up:
When Matthew asked Tom Branson to be his best man.
When Carson and Lord Grantham watched Lady Mary walk down the stairs in her wedding gown.  The look on Carson's face...
And when Matthew visited Lady Mary's bedroom the night before the wedding to apologize (quoting Branson's romantic line that as long as she walks the earth he will never find anyone else) and she made him close his eyes before entering the room and kissing her.

Did you know that Sunday night's episode had a record-breaking audience?  The producers of "Masterpiece" had predicted that the audience for the first episode of Season Three would be bigger than last time, but apparently no one was prepared for the actual number.  Read here to find out more.

This chilly January weekend should be a great one to catch up on a few of the Oscar nominated films, watch the Golden Globes, and enjoy the second episode of "Downton Abbey."

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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  1. I loved the season premiere. Although I liked all of the touching moments you mentioned, I think my favorites were the more humorous parts, especially the running joke of the men turning up in "casual" black tie tuxes. This will be a very Downton-themed weekend for me. Aside from watching on Sunday, I'll also be seeing Dan Stevens in The Heiress on Broadway.

    1. Oh, lucky you! I would love to see that play. And I agree with you, I also loved the funny moments with the dinner jacket joke. Especially when Maggie Smith turned to Lord Grantham and was about to order a drink from him because she thought he looked like a waiter. Enjoy The Heiresss!

    2. Saw The Heiress with Cherry Jones about 15 years ago in LA. Have never seen it on Broadway, but would love to.
      The movie is also wonderful, I think - just watched it again recently.

  2. It was as fabulous as I had hoped it would be. Maggie Smith is just outstanding. Her wit and delivery slay me every time.

  3. Sunday,

    Hello I hope you are having a great day!

    I LOVED each of the scenes that you mentioned but my FAVORITE was Carsons face as Mary walked down the stairs.

    I cannot wait to see this weeks episode!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth

  4. Sunday, The premiere of the third season was much anticipated here; it did not disappoint. I predict it to be a wonderful season. It sounds like you are having a snowy weekend. Stay warm and enjoy. Bonnie

  5. What an entertaining way to start the season! I really loved it and am so looking forward to the next episode.

  6. I loved the season premiere. Witty and romantic. Very much looking forward to Sunday night.

  7. I loved the episode also, and also teared up in the scenes you mentioned. I loved Mary's dress which fit the period, was so elegant and so not the wedding dress of today 's de rigeuer strapless ones. Loved when Mary looked at Carson and asked, "Will this do, Carson?" Very sweet moment.

    Cora's mother did not hold a candle to Maggie Smith though.

  8. I loved, loved , loved it. I can't wait until tomorrow night!

  9. We just had season 3 here in the Netherlands, and we (me, my mum, my aunt and my grandmother) all really enjoyed it. So I wish you all much pleasure in watching this wonderful series.
    Just brace yourselves for some very dramatic moments, I would say, especially in the Christmas special. (but I will not give spoilers)

    kind regards,

  10. I just finished watching the second episode of Season 3. Poor Edith! I LOVE Downton Abbey! If anyone talks while it's on, woe to them!

  11. Oh I just finished watching it also, and am so sad about Edith! What a surprise. Love, love this show!

  12. I loved all three scenes you mention, Sunday, and Carson's look really was memorable. By now, the second episode has aired, which was wonderful as well, though Edith's scenes had me teary (won't say more for those who haven't seen it). I've grown to like her with each season and she has more "grit" than first imagined. Lady Violet/Maggie Smith was at her best, wasn't she, yet showed such a tender side. Oh, I just love this series.

  13. Oh, I just swooned when Mary came down the staircase. I adore the show and adore any books I can read with the same subject matter.

    What will we do about Edith???? Some one rescue her from a life of spinsterhood. The woman's movement has not really started yet.