Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

It's the day after Thanksgiving and I am tired but happy to have had a wonderful holiday with my family.  It's always fun to go back and remember the moments just before everyone walks in the door.  We're lighting the candles, adjusting the table, putting on music, and of course checking the turkey. The actual event is always a whirlwind of visiting, cooking, eating, laughing, telling stories and reminiscing, and of course cleaning up.

The dining room table ready for dinner, with a view of the living room where we set up a second table 

This year was very special because my sister and my brother were able to attend.  They came with their children and we had about 10 cousins altogether.  My mother loves to be surrounded by her grandchildren and as I watched her beaming face throughout the night, I knew that this is why we continue these holiday rituals year after year.  I read something a long time ago about the comfort of our holiday traditions and that making a home for the holidays is an act of hope.  This concept felt very true to me this year.  

The living room table became a cozy little arrangement for the cousins

This was the first year that I set up a second table, and as I looked at it last night I knew that we had come up with the perfect solution for having a big crowd for Thanksgiving dinner.  We moved a few pieces of furniture out of the living room and created a cozy dining space.


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are sitting with your feet up today and reflecting on a holiday filled with good food, quality time with your family, and great memories.  I am looking forward to one of my favorite weekends.  Hopefully we will see a good movie, start some Christmas shopping, and enjoy some of the Thanksgiving leftovers!


  1. This is so beautiful, and obviously filled with love. And, I know how good the food was! ;)

  2. What a wonderful recap Sunday!! Clearly you had a beautiful and meaningful day!! Your table(s) looked lovely - I've been eyeing the Mottahedeh blue lace to use as chargers for years!! And we have frequently used the same solution of a "cousins" table! What a great holiday!

  3. Looks lovely ! I am sure that after all the cooking and setting of tables you have the right to be weary!
    Relax and remember...

  4. Such beautiful tables Sunday! I think you found the perfect can never have enough tables and just never know! I hope you are enjoying the holiday, getting in a little reading?? I am just tucking into leftovers now...shhhh :)

    Best wishes Sunday!

    Jeanne xx

  5. Beautifully set tables, both of them. So nice for your mother to have all of you there, and I can imagine her beaming face was a great reward for all of your work. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend.

  6. Gorgeous. You have an amazing eye. I am so inspired! Thanks for posting

  7. Your tables look beautiful, and I love that thought that making a home for the holidays is an act of hope. It brings more meaning to it beyond all the effort it takes to make it all happen. I'm so glad your Thanksgiving was lovely!


  8. It was so special! Thanks for always creating the most magical holiday celebrations, xo