Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday

How was your weekend?  We have been having the most beautiful weather!  I have been appreciating the simple pleasures that come at this time of the year in Los Angeles. 

  I love going to the local farmers market in February and gazing at all the beauty there, such as these luscious tangerines and lemons.

I am inspired by the promise of spring in these beautiful flowers from Holly Flora

  Of course nothing is cozier right now than staying home and cooking.  I love pulling out my favorite cookbooks, they are like old friends.

And speaking of old friends, I am rereading "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and in awe of the beauty of Truman Capote's nostalgic masterpiece.  I wonder if it is a uniquely American trait to write about characters reinventing themselves.  ("The Great Gatsby" comes to mind)   This love letter to New York conjures up youth and glamour, and is a great book to revisit.  Did Truman Capote know he was creating an iconic figure with Holly Golightly?

Yesterday I saw the magical film "Hugo" -- if you haven't seen it, go immediately!  Part "Oliver Twist" and part "Amelie," this movie is pure magic.  And it is about the birth of motion pictures.  I think I cried the whole time.  Part of me was in awe of the beauty of this film and the other was truly touched by the poignant story.

And finally this is where I went on the last weekend of January with my college alumni group from the east coast. They were so happy about the weather!   The Getty Center has views that go on forever and the day we went was beautiful and crystal clear.  Although we were there to see the incredible art exhibition "Pacific Standard Time," we could barely tear ourselves away from the views and spent much of our time outside enjoying one of the prettiest days in January I have ever seen.


  1. I have to admit to being a bit envious of your February farmers market. Ours is only open from April to October! Of course, normally there wouldn't be any Kansas food in the winter, but we've actually had lovely weather (it's kind of freaking me out). Our herb garden is still alive!

    I love Breakfast at Tiffany's. I read it over Thanksgiving break when I was in middle school. It was definitely a literary life-changer. I love the edition you have--gorgeous!

  2. Hi Mom,

    So happy you finally saw Hugo! I think the movie is also part Sound of Music. I don't want to say why (in case people haven't seen it) but I will say this: I love stories about a character who has to repress certain loves because of painful memories and then something happens where they can no longer keep it hidden. The passion is so strong and real that it is destined to come to the surface once again. I just loved HUGO so much!


    p.s. How funny was Sasha Baron Cohen??

  3. Oh I LOVE citrus season! We are in the midst of it here in Arizona too. Nothing looks happier than a bowl full of Lemons :) Also, what an amazing view from the Getty. Happy January! "Pacific Standard Time" looks so interesting; and yet isn't it wonderful that even in the presence of great art, Nature can draw us away with it's own beauty? It looks like an amazing day :)

    I love to peruse my old cookbooks just for fun. I have built up a rather obscene selection of them now, and keep wondering which ones I should donate, but simply can't bring myself to do it. Someday I will be a stronger person, and I will de-clutter like a pro. :)

  4. Well, we had a lovely, but strange, weekend as we are experiencing LA weather ourselves. Way too warm for this time of year here. Trees are beginning to bud, which bodes ill for a colourful Spring if they don't stop. Climate change I suppose. Since I can do nothing to change things, I decided to go ahead and pretend it was May. I opened all the doors and windows and played Sergio Mendes.

    And I so agree with you about Hugo!
    A magical film!

  5. We had snow this weekend, I had taken Billy to a birthday party and the snow started on our walk home - he was so excited. Hugo looks like a great film - my mother was going to take Billy to see it, but at the last moment he chose Alvin and the Chipmunks instead! My mother was very disappointed.

  6. What a fabulous weekend! I too love making soup and breads in the winter/ Have you tried the no-knead bread from the New Yok Times? It is fabulous! And could not be easier.

    The Getty Center view is spectacular! I am sure that you had a great time.

    Hogo is on my list of movies to see! I cannot wait.

    Did you love Downton Abbey? I do not like the scared man, he seems very shady. But I lvoe Mister Bates!

    Hope you have a fabulous week!

  7. We've been having as PT &E said, lovely but strange weather - so abnormally warm it is truly bizarre - not complaining mind you!! Your flowers are just exquisite!! And we are a happy household after the Giants win!!

  8. A trip to the farmers market is always a visual treat. Your citrus photo is lovely and the floral design is so inspirational, especially now with Valentine's Day fast approaching. Your weekend I'm sure was fabulous with beautiful weather and seeing friends. I haven't seen the film Hugo but sounds interesting. Hope your week is lovely.

    The French Hutch

  9. So glad you enjoyed Hugo! We thoroughly enjoyed it and you're right about the tears.

    I have a Meyer Lemon tree plant in my house and can't tell you how much I enjoy watching it blossom and fruit! A Lemon Drizzle Cake will have to be on the menu this week.

  10. Such beautiful photos. The flowers look so great in the blue and white bowl. Holly Flora is doing my daughter's wedding in September, and I thank you and Heather for the introduction. She LOVES them and their ideas. You've convinced me to see Hugo. Now to convince David.....