Friday, August 3, 2012

Live and Dine L.A.

On a warm Sunday evening a couple of weeks ago I went to "Live and Dine L.A." at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica.  This was a fabulous food and wine event put on by Angeleno Magazine with the proceeds benefiting P.S. ARTS, an organization that raises money to put the arts back into the public schools of Los Angeles.  The event featured some of the best restaurants in L.A. and highlighted some of their iconic dishes and great wines.  We ate our way from one end of the event to the other and along the way were introduced to some great new restaurants, exciting new wines, and lovely people involved with the magazine and P.S. ARTS.  On a beautiful night in Los Angeles., I can't think of anything more fun! And it was all for a good cause.

The event coincided with Angeleno's Annual Restaurant Issue

Tar and Roses is a hot new restaurant in Santa Monica

These wines were excellent

Delicious miniature pot pies from Palihouse Courtyard Brasserie

This dish from Post and Beam was beautiful and delicious!

Black cod with pickled cucumber from Picca

The cooks were happy

Everyone was having fun -- the musical entertainment added to the festivities

We ended with dessert from Cooks County -- Huckleberry Meringues

And some great coffee from Handsome Coffee Roasters

If you live in Los Angeles or visit here next summer, try to go to this event.  It is a great summer night in Santa Monica with some of the best food and wines around.  And you will feel good about supporting a wonderful charity that benefits children.


  1. Sunday, What a wonderful event to support public school art programs. These programs have seriously taken a beating with all the budget cuts.

    The apricot and chicken pot pie sounds wonderful, and I love the presentation. What a great way to spend the evening.... food, wine, music.... Have a wonderful weekend! Bonnie

  2. Hi Sunday, What a wonderful way to raise awareness and funds for the public school system! I would love to go to this event, the food looks amazing and I would go just for the coffee and music.
    Enjoy your weekend…….

    The French Hutch

  3. Everything looks fabulous! I think I might have to try a chicken/apricot pot pie at home. This post is making my tummy growl and I just ate lunch not too long ago!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Huckleberry Meringues- i'm going to have to try that!

  5. What a great event. I'm sorry that I missed it...especially the chicken and apricot pot pie.

  6. It's funny, so many of us are attracted to that chicken/apricot pie. Must be the comfort food thing. What a lovely evening it must have been; beautiful surroundings, wonderful food and music and benefiting schools. Sounds perfect!

  7. I used to go to their events, but haven't been since we moved back to LA. So sorry I missed it, a great cause and a fun event. That Huckleberry Meringue looks so good!

  8. Huckleberry meringues! Never thought to eat meringues with anything other than strawberries. Looks wonderful - even the coffee!

  9. What a great night! Everything looks delectable and I love that you can eat for a good cause :)

  10. Just catching up on this now!!! such a fun night xoxo