Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning Recap

How was your weekend?  Did you relax after Thanksgiving?  We had the pleasure of celebrating with a dear friend in Sun Valley, Idaho.  We had a delicious dinner on Thanksgiving which was followed by a weekend of hiking, shopping (books and holiday linens) and relaxing.  I had a lot of time for rereading one of my favorite books -- The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford.  I also found myself engrossed in many interesting magazine and newspaper articles over the weekend.  Don't you just love it when you have all day to read?  Here are a few things I read that got my heart racing...

Winvian Hotel in Litchfield Hills, CT
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For sheer escapism, I was swooning over an article in the Wall Street Journal on "What are the Coziest Hotels in America?"  You will want to check this out and book your next trip!

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 In the same newspaper there was an article about Grace Coddington, the inspiring artistic director for Vogue Magazine.  I fell in love with her when I saw the film "The September Issue."  Her fashion layouts in Vogue are beautiful and ethereal, and really works of art.  Remember the recent Edith Wharton spread?  If you saw the movie "The September Issue" you got to know her then.  Now there is more -- she has written an autobiography which has just been published.  I cannot wait to read it!     

 Grace Coddington's memoir Grace 

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In an article in The New York Times, I learned that Martha Stewart is inspiring young entrepreneurs, 20- and 30-somethings, to develop their craft ideas and turn them into a career.  After all this time, she has something to say to the young generation.

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And at this time of the year there is always news about Charles Dickens.  In an article in The New York Times, we learn about the revival on Broadway of Dickens' unfinished novel The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  This article is filled with fascinating information on Dickens' life and how it is reflected in his unfinished novel.  Did you know that he was on an exhausting book tour and in poor health at the time he was writing it?  He died before finishing at the age of 58.

All of the December issues of my favorite magazines are out, always an occasion.  Lots of great ideas, stories, and inspiration for the holidays.  It's easy to pore over these for hours with a cup of tea.

The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

I had forgotten the ending.  Don't you love it when an author surprises you and touches your heart at the same time?

And, of course, all of this reading was accompanied by some really good Thanksgiving leftovers!
How was your weekend?  


  1. Great info. I always learn something here.I will be downloading Grace Coddington memoir as my own xmas treat. Lol somehow I doubt that will be on my sons/husbands gift radar.

  2. Didn't know much about Nancy Mitford when I found an old copy of "The Pursuit of Love" at an estate sale. She is sometimes referred to as the real "chick lit" writer of her day. You might like to read the bio "Nancy Mitford" by Selina Hastings to see where the ideas came from for the characters in Pursuit. If you like Edith Wharton, try the new novel "The Age of Desire" by Jennie Fields, which is about Edith Wharton and Anna, her long-time friend, secretary, and a person who filled many other roles in Edith's world for many, many years. It has an ending which will tweak your heartstrings as well. Fiction based on fact. Good read. As an aside, I love the looks of that scrumptious pecan pie!

  3. Sunday, I too was pulled into the article about the coziest hotels. I have already placed a few on my list. The Grace Coddington memoir is on another list. I am especially drawn to the resort whose cottages are designed by fifteen (I believe) different architects. Your holiday sounds wonderful. We spent Thanksgiving with our daughter in St. Louis. Always such fun. Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

  4. We had a marvelous Thanksgiving in Lake Arrowhead with my newly married daughter, Meghan and her husband Carlos and his family. The laughter and food were both so delicious. I forgot my House of Mirth book so I used Meghan's ipad and read like a 21st century person for the first time.
    I now get the NY Times on Sunday and was aware of the articles you mentioned. Loved them.

  5. We had a totally magical Thanksgiving in our new home, with family and friends, some from the east coast. I cooked for 3 days, but relaxed and enjoyed every moment. I'm reading "Sweet Tooth" at the moment, and loving it. But, I have a question. Unless I've been home sick, I've never felt OK, to spend a large amount, or sort of any amount of the daytime reading. I feel guilty, like I'm doing something. I know intellectually that it's not a waste of time, but somehow I can't connect that reality to my emotional feeling that I'm being a slacker. Any suggestions here?

    1. Kathy, I know what you mean. I felt fine dong all that reading when I was on a trip, but often at home I feel a bit guilty, and that I need to be more productive. I always read in the morning with coffee, and always get up a bit early so I have that precious time in the morning. Also there are days when I can read around 4:00 or so, before I start getting dinner ready. Maybe that is the answer, to do it at the beginning and the end of the day, or just to carve out a regular time to do it. I am excited to hear about "Sweet Tooth" and will buy a copy now.
      xx Sunday

  6. I enjoyed that Mitford novel awhile back.
    i glanced at all those magazines at the grocery store and came home with the Country Home. Martha's Xmas issue usually finds it way into my cart and I have saved most of them for the festive recipes and decorating ideas.

    Grace impressed me in The September Issue too.
    Her hair and skin are radiant and she's so beautiful. The book must be interesting especially her early life modeling in London.

  7. I had a magical, fun Thanksgiving weekend with friends. Makes me realize yet again how much I have to be thankful for.

  8. I saw The September Issue, and thought Grace Coddington seemed like a fascinating person. I've got my eye on that memoir. I think that the leftovers are the best part of any celebration meal. I love having loads of delicious food in the fridge that I can just go and pick at (and not have to cook!). When I cook Christmas dinner I deliberately make too much so there are lots of lovely leftovers.

  9. What a pretty post, Sunday. That pecan pie was beautiful, but then all your posts seem to be. What I really like is the literary quality of your blog. Often I am inspired to read or reread a book and am often inspired to watch for a particular film or TV show. Thanks for keeping me both literate and up-to-date with beautiful images thrown in.

  10. Mmmm.. a whole day to read. That IS pure luxury, and I'm glad you had it. Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. I am reading too, in little snippets, though. I've finally started the book you recommended months ago by Beverley Nichols, Down the Garden Path.

    Happy Christmas!

  11. What a nice recap--glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your friend. Your photo of that beautiful pie is making my mouth water!

    We had friends from Panama here for four days--their first trip to Europe and her first American Thanksgiving dinner! We put them on a train to Brussels on Sunday.

    I don't follow all that many blogs on a regular basis these days, but can I just say how thankful I am for yours? It never fails to delight and inspire.

  12. What a wonderfully rich "spread" you have placed here on my blogging table, Sunday. I'll be back to check out the links and savor all over my own cup of tea. Pursuit of Love has been languishing on a pile near the bed. I need to open it soon. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to sit down and read the local news. It always seems so "newsy" and interesting doesn't it?

    I came across three very early Christmas issues of the original Victoria Magazine for a whopping two dollars this weekend.It was almost as good as cutting into that pecan pie must have been.

  13. I'm glad you had such a relaxing and entertaining Thanksgiving - it sounds lovely.

    The array of holiday magazines makes my heart beat faster - I love looking at magazines this time of year. And I would love to read the Grace Coddington book -she's had such a magnificent life!

  14. I just finished reading "Grace, A Memoir" and really enjoyed it. She has more than just good looks, she has flair and intelligence and wit. However, like all of us, she has endured her fair share of life's downs as well as the ups. What a beauty and such a creative spirit.

  15. Oh I was thinking of re-reading The Pursuit of Love. Adore Nancy Mitford. Loved September Issue, too. Coddington was great but I do also have a sneaky admiration for the formidable and very stylish Anna Wintour.