Monday, August 5, 2013

A Touch of Tartan

"And proud she was of heart, when clad / In crimson stockings, tartan plaid..."
-- William Wordsworth, "Memorials of a Tour in Scotland"

I have to admit, I am starting to get a little excited about fall. Do you feel that way?

And right now tartan looks really good to me. I love these rooms decorated with plaid. They feel fresh, crisp, tailored, and very cozy. All the qualities of of fall. In my opinion, many rooms can benefit from a touch of tartan. It adds a warmth and welcoming quality to a space. For some reason, tartan always makes us feel good.

Anta plates

Recently I discovered Anta of Scotland, a company that has been around for  25 years and specializes in contemporary Scottish home decor. It was founded by Annie and Lachlan Stewart in in the north of Scotland to produce their contemporary twist on old tartans, using antique weaving machines. They make fabrics, throws, furniture, rugs, stoneware and accessories. Everything from Anta is made in Scotland. The woolen yarn used for the carpets and tweeds is sourced in the Western Isles and is woven in the Borders. The artisans at Anta paint tartan on ceramics for their stoneware collection. Take a look at their entire collection online. You will be impressed with the quality and charming look of their products.

Couches, pillows and throws

More pillows


Beautiful throws

Luscious fabrics! A small couch in one of these plaids would warm up any room.

Tartan ceramics



Anta's Highland showroom

Take a look at their entire collection online. It will have you dreaming of a trip to Scotland and maybe adding a touch of tartan plaid to your home.

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  1. Sunday, I am always eager for autumn's arrival. I do love tartans, a great classic. Thanks for the link. Bonnie

  2. I am certainly ready for fall! All this warmth and (lately) humidity up here has me longing for cool, crisp days and an excuse to curl up by the fire with a blanket and a good book. And if that blanket is tartan, all the better! I wore a tartan skirt to school for years and years and still love all things plaid. And I love, love, love that second photo, of the room with the plaid sofa. I've been thinking about pink walls all weekend and that is a perfect example of a room where the colour works wonderfully without being too overwhelming or feminine.

  3. I dream of fall daily! I'm tired of the heat and blazing sun. I've never thought of decorating with Tartan before but it does look very attractive in the photos you chose. I love the plaid plates!

  4. There is a feel in the air here, Sunday. Just a shift, every so little, that hints of fall - or, maybe it was just the apple that fell on my head yesterday. Shortbread. On tartan plates. Oh my . . . I want some.

  5. I agree, there is something about the anticipation of fall. I love sweaters and blankets so the wonderful tartans you've shared just make me long for cooler air. Thanks for the link. I'll be checking it often. Have a wonderful week!

  6. I love Fall, but would like to have a real Summer here first - or at least a few straight weeks of one. I adore tartan plaids, and have a number of throws from another Scottish company. I agree that regardless of what else is in the room, a plaid throw adds something warm and cozy to it.

  7. Yes, yes! I AM looking forward to fall. I keep thinking I feel a little chill in the air very early in the morning, but I keep doubting that it could be happening so soon. But tartan & plaid will surely give that autumn feeling, and these you've shared are lovely.


  8. Oh yes, I am dreaming of fall. And since I'm heading to Scotland in September, I am blissfully obsessed with tartan. Last Spring I finally sprung for a Colefax and Fowler tartan that I've been drooling over for years. Covered two fat chairs with it. Love them so! Thanks for this new resource. I'm off to check it out!

  9. Still the 'High season' here or as some call it 'the silly season' when London is empty left to the tourists.
    On the estates we are all busy with hay making,hedge cutting in the lanes,we have enjoyed one of our warmest Summer's for many years,and hopefully will remain so for the next few months...fingers crossed.
    Enjoy tartan in others homes,but wool is not something that my skin tolerates sadly.Cosy pictures.

  10. Yes, autumn is in the air. Time to re-read that most autumnal novel, Persuasion, I think!