Saturday, November 9, 2013

Flowers With a View

There are certain times when we feel in touch with nature. We may be hiking in the mountains, working in our garden, sitting at the beach, or contemplating a view. Wherever this happens, the experience usually brings about a peaceful and happy feeling. Wednesday was one of those days for me. A friend of mine lives in a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Her view is simply stunning. I was thrilled to be going to a flower arranging class held in her garden. It didn't hurt that this was one of those startlingly clear and gorgeous fall days we often get in Los Angeles. One of those days that makes you happy to be alive. The view of the coastline from Malibu to Palos Verdes was breathtaking. I have always thought that the beach in Los Angeles looks its best in the months of November through January. Something about the lighting at this time of the year and the sun being lower in the sky makes the vistas take on a crystal-clear clarity and a sparkling, vivid blue. On a day like this, the ocean looks like glass.

Nature was all around us. This house has a lovely garden.

The rose garden

 I was happy to discover that the floral event would take place under the olive trees.

When I turned around, this was the sight that met my eyes.

There was beauty and inspiration everywhere.
But I needed to concentrate, we were there for a flower arranging class.

And it was fabulous! The workshop was taught by the lovely and talented Brenda Berkley.
She is the owner of The Flower Box.   

She brought the most beautiful fall flowers and they looked so vivid in this environment.

There were peonies and ranunculus.

Watching her put these arrangements together was mesmerizing.

 Her creations were simple and elegant and included the signature colors of fall.

She put together a long arrangement that included ferns, moss and driftwood.
It would be perfect for any holiday table in December.

Before leaving, I needed one last look. The color of the ocean was just gorgeous!


Wishing you a beautiful weekend. I will be at the farmers market buying flowers!


  1. How gorgeous! I think I remember this home from the Robinson Garden Tour in 2012? Spectacular house and still can't get the "popcorn" roses that they had out of my mind ~ keep meaning to find some. I agree about the ocean here, totally. My favorite season to walk on the beach.

  2. What a beautiful way to spend the day! Everything is breathtaking! Thank you for the tour, just lovely Sunday

  3. Sunday, Your pictures are beautiful...amazing views. Your day sounds delightful. I love working with flowers, but I am a mere amateur...a wannabe. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. How absolutely beautiful! Only gorgeous flowers could have torn my eyes from that view. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. The opening photo and all that follow look like absolute heaven! What a perfect setting for a wonderful day. And the flowers! I love peonies and ranunculus but have never managed to grow the latter with any success. I'm green with envy about it all!

  6. So gorgeous. Thank you for sharing photos.