Friday, January 17, 2014

January Mornings

January feels like the perfect month to make a pound cake. I am not sure why exactly, but it just feels right. Maybe it has to do with the feeling of a fresh new year and wanting to keep things simple. A pound cake is rustic, humble and homey. The winter months always inspire me to bake. And lately I have been spending some happy hours in the kitchen looking at recipes. Last weekend we were having friends over for dinner and I decided to make one of my all-time favorite cakes: Brown Sugar and Chocolate Chip Pound Cake with Maple-Espresso Glaze.

I found this recipe in a Bon Appetit magazine years ago. If you are looking for something delicious and comforting to serve on a chilly day, look no further than this cake. It is made with pure and simple ingredients, such as maple syrup which always makes me think of winters in New England. 

The batter is made with brown sugar, butter, and chocolate chips

After smoothing over the top, you bake it in the oven for about an hour

Once the cake has cooled, it is time to make the maple-espresso glaze

Which is delicious -- made with powdered sugar, maple syrup and instant espresso powder, what's not to love!  

After you drizzle the glaze over the cake, you let it set for a while

I couldn't resist buying this Vermont maple syrup from Williams-Sonoma. I have to admit I was completely seduced by the packaging. But, fortunately, it is delicious maple syrup!

The next morning, I surveyed the remains of the cake

And decided that not only is it a great dessert cake, it is also a delicious coffee cake for breakfast. Especially on a beautiful January morning!

  It was perfect. A slice of cake, a cup of coffee, the Sunday paper and memories of New England -- heaven!

Go here for the recipe

Wishing you a lovely winter weekend!


  1. This is exactly what I love for a Sunday breakfast.And your home looks so inviting !Thank you for the link!

  2. Oh my this looks so yummy! Here I was patting myself on the back for passing on my afternoon hot chocolate, and now I'm craving a piece of your beautiful cake. Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend! Bonnie

  3. Sunday-This looks so delicious. I know I will try it soon. What a perfect cake for a brunch!

  4. The light at your table is so beautiful - it makes the cake look like a work of art! I've never made a pound cake, but I do think it sounds like a good idea for January,

  5. I would be afraid to have this in my house, I can see me slicing off piece after piece. Will make it and send the leftovers home with someone!

  6. Like Kathy,one slice and the rest would be devoured in a second,sadly no willpower where sweet items are available,so sadly all banned from the house.
    Your garden looks more like Summer,the UK is still on flood alert!!

  7. yum! I'm hosting a brunch in a few weeks, Sunday, and think I might just try this then. It looks and sounds sinfully delicious.

  8. Sunday this cake looks delicious! I love pound cake but have never made one like this. Thank you for sharing the recipe.