Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ballet Weekend

Ballet fans in Los Angeles have reason to rejoice this weekend. And I am one of them. We have the opportunity to see the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company's production of Giselle. I have never seen "Giselle" or this ballet company before and cannot wait to see what promises to be a magical performance.

This is the North American debut of Royal New Zealand Ballet's "Giselle," a production that is being hailed as historic and has even been made into a 2013 feature film, selected for screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. I did a little research into this ballet and discovered that "Giselle" is one of the oldest surviving ballets still in the international repertory. It was first staged in Paris in 1841 and is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic of the classic ballets. I am already swooning...

Going to a ballet performance is one of my favorite things to do. I love the the moment when the curtain goes up and we are transported into this world of music, dancing, and wonder. The ballet has that power to enchant, inspire and take us away from the everyday. I leave the theater feeling enriched and in awe of the power of dance. This should be a very special weekend for those of us who love ballet!

If you live in Los Angeles and want to go to a performance this weekend, click here to get tickets. I would love to know if you are a ballet fan. And if so, what are your favorites?

Wishing you a lovely weekend! 


  1. I only went to my first ballet last year, but I adored it! I certainly felt that transporting power work on me and became utterly riveted to what was going on on the stage. Giselle sounds (and looks) so beautiful - I hope you have a lovely time.

  2. You are sure to have a wonderful evening - I hope we shall get to hear about it! Giselle is currently being performed at Covent Garden. The title role is played by ex-Bolshoi dancer Natalia Osipova who says, "when I step onto the stage I believe I am Giselle." The reviewer added, "oh, so do we." The Cuban star, Carlos Acosta plays Count Albrecht. What a dream team! Unfortunately I shan't be seeing it live but it has been filmed, although with some criticism of the sound mix, so I may go to the cinema later this month.

  3. SWAN LAKE and the NUTCRACKER as I danced for years as a young girl and was in many productions of the SAN FRANCISCO ballets NUTCRACKER.It is MAGICAL…………….the whole experience.The theatre, the curtain, the scenery and of course the performance!

  4. Hello Sunday- we saw Giselle last night. It was my first time seeing a ballet other than The Nutcracker! It was absolutely enchanting. And since the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company travels with an orchestra, the music was beautiful too. We particularly enjoyed the 2nd act with the Willis.

  5. Sunday...I had the opportunity to watch the final dress rehearsal of this production this last Thursday night. It was so beautiful and the dancers so precise and in sync it was amazing every time there was a correction. There were as many notes from the director to the orchestra (very large orchestra) as to the dancers. I would encourage anyone who loves ballet not miss this Giselle.

  6. Sunday..I had the opportunity to watch the final dress rehearsal of this production Thursday night. It is a fabulous production and so beautiful. The dancers amazingly talented. I was stunned every time the director stopped for corrections. There were as many notes for the orchestra (very large orchestra) as for the dancers. If you love ballet, it is a must see.

  7. I love Swan Lake for it's beauty, the story, and also, I believe one of the most beautiful pieces of music that Tchaikovsky ever wrote. But, I have a very sentimental attachment to The Nutcracker as I took my daughter ever year at Christmas from the age of 3. The first time she saw it, she cried when it was over, and yelled out - "again" (as she thought it was a cassette that I could just replay.) Wonderful memories.

    1. Hello Kathy, Your memories of the Nutcracker remind me of taking my younger daughter to her first performance. When the nutcracker came to life she gasped in amazement, the whole thing was magical for her. I told my father about her reaction and he wished so much to have shared the experience. The following winter he drove down (we lived at opposite ends of the country) just so that he could take her to the ballet. He bought first row circle seats and the two of them had a wonderful time!