Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Happenings...

Garden roses from Hollyflora

I have been working on the second installment of my English countryside trip, but going through my photos is taking longer than I thought. I promise to finish it soon! In the meantime, fall is here and there are so many sweet moments to enjoy. Here are a few that are happening around my house. 


Rustic Autumn Vegetable Tart
Photo via Fine Cooking

This is my favorite time of the year for cooking. The markets are fairly bursting with fabulous fall produce. I love the apples, butternut squash, carrots, and parsnips available now. I look in food magazines such as Fine Cooking or Food and Wine for recipes that use the best available fall produce. I recently found a recipe that has become a new favorite: Rustic Autumn Vegetable Tart. Celebrate fall with this delicious seasonal main course. I served Tomato and Fennel Soup from Melissa Clark to start and then followed with a generous slice of the vegetable tart and a green salad on the side. It was a perfect recipe for a cozy weekend dinner. Make this one and I promise you will be adding it to your fall favorites. A warm slice of pumpkin bread topped with vanilla ice cream would be the perfect dessert. 

My version turned out great! (via Instagram)


LA-based florists Holly Vesecky and Rebecca Uchtman are the creative and talented co-owners of Hollyflora and have just opened up their first boutique: the Hollyflora Market and Courtyard. They sell everything you might need for holiday entertaining -- ceramics, vases, linens, candles, lanterns, garden ornaments, and buckets and buckets of gorgeous flowers. I went to the grand opening last weekend and it was absolutely stunning. There were beautiful fall vignettes wherever I looked. If you live in Los Angeles, or are visiting, be sure to stop by. You will find so much inspiration for your home and garden. Go here to learn more.

I brought home pink garden roses and orange marigolds


My books have started arriving from England and it feels as if Christmas has come early. It was thrilling to find some of these books in England since so many are not available here. And I love the English editions of my favorite books.

This is a very special garden book that has just been published. I found it at John Sandoe Books in London. Written by Sarah Raven who is married to Vita's grandson, Vita Sackville-West's Sissinghurst showcases Vita's own writing about gardening and includes sumptuous vintage and new photographs of what has to be one of the prettiest gardens in the world. 


It looks like this is where I will be doing some of that reading. The new chair in the guest bedroom will be the perfect spot to while away some hours on a fall afternoon. I ordered it a long time ago and when it arrived I had to smile since it reminded me of our trip to the English countryside.

Next up, English Countryside, Part Two -- Devon and the Cotswolds!


  1. I adore the new Sissinghurst book. One of my latest obsessions.
    SO happy you went to John Sandoe's. Isn't it just the best place ever?

  2. The autumn vegetable tart has my mouth watering... must give that a try! I wish Angela Thirkell's books were more readily available in the US. High Rising was wonderful and I'm saving Christmas at High Rising to read in early December. Those Virago editions are gorgeous.

  3. I'm sure you'll enjoy 'Mapp and Lucia', Sunday, but people often think this is the first book in the series, when it is the third. I you haven't already done so, you should read 'Miss Mapp' and 'Queen Lucia' first. Benson then brings these two formidable ladies together in this the third book.

  4. Just bought "Behind the Mask" by Matthew Dennison the life of Vita Sackville-West,am saving it for Winter reading.Your beautiful English style chair reminds me of my Grandmother's floral chintz sofas and chairs in her drawing room.

  5. I love the floral chintz on your new chair! The tomato fennel soup sounds delicious and I'll definitely be making it as well. And Hollyflora did the flowers for my daughter's wedding and they were so inventive and beautiful, with geodes, fallen antlers, each table was different - amazingly talented young women.

  6. I relish everything about this post! So much inspiration - thank you. I especially love your new chair. It is stunning and so cozy.

  7. Such beautiful things but I must say, your new chair is gorgeous! A good book, hot teapot, and no appointments...*sigh*.

  8. Ooooh, that rustic fall tart! Right up my alley!

  9. Beautiful post, speaking of happenings... How is your lovely daughter?

  10. Where did you get the chair? I need something small like that. I live in Manhattan, but the stores here offer mostly BIG chairs.