Friday, March 4, 2016

Downton Abbey Finale

What will you be doing Sunday night? Silly question, I know. We will all be tuned in to watch the very last episode of "Downton Abbey"! Oh, I will miss it! It's hard to believe this series is coming to an end. Will you be celebrating with a party or watching in your pajamas? I will probably be doing the latter. Which ever way you choose to honor the occasion, I suggest you have a box of tissues nearby. I have been very careful to stay away from spoilers, but it's hard not to imagine some emotional moments.

What am I hoping for? A happy ending for Edith and Thomas, two characters who have suffered a lot over the last six seasons. The penultimate episode found them both hitting rock bottom which means there's only one direction for them to go and that is up. And I think we all hope Mary will become a nicer person. We'll see what happens. One thing is for certain -- this show has been a phenomenon unlike anything in recent memory. And the finale should be one of the most watched television events in history. I can't wait to learn how many people tune in. I am very excited to see how Julian Fellowes wraps it all up. His ability to create compelling narratives, appealing characters, historic events, period details and magical settings has been awe-inspiring. The costumes, the music, the drama -- it's been a joy to watch. And it doesn't hurt that the show is filmed in a stunning castle in the glorious English countryside!

What will Julian Fellowes do next? I have heard he is developing a new television show called "The Gilded Age," inspired by the novels of Edith Wharton. It will be interesting to follow his career. He is so talented. Wishing you a fun-filled "Downton Abbey" weekend!

What are your hopes for the final episode?
Go here for an entertaining recap of the whole series.


  1. So sorry to see it end. What will we have to replace it? Books, I guess.

  2. I've heard the same about the series based on The Gilded Age...leave it too a Brit to tell our story for surely there wasn't one of our own who could've done so as well? Money, Architecture, Fashion and Jewels tossed together, drizzle with Greed, Lust and a pinch of Beauty...makes for one Grand Tale, I'm sure you or I could've served it up grandly, on a warm platter! Will miss terribly Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes, both of whom shared stories over proper British tea, well...ok...I had prosecco! My dear friend Juliana and I were so lucky to be there...Grazie Molto J!

  3. I am betting there will be a follow-up film(s) and I will be there to see it!

  4. I'm completely out of the Downtown Abbey loop as haven't watched the last few seasons!! I'm really looking forward to the latest BBC dramatisation - Dr Thorne (based on the Trollope novel) - starting this weekend though so I'll most likely be curled up in my pjs watching that one evening! Miranda xxx

  5. I've never felt this way about a television's really going to leave a hole. I feel sure that it'll be a happy ending for Edith. Kleenex and PJs ready.

  6. Downton seems ages ago now! Deutschland 83 filled the Sunday evening spot for a while but even that's finished now. The latest from Julian Fellowes is an adaptation of Trollope's Dr Thorne. I love Trollope but I gave up on this. It's rather plodding ITV fare and nothing like as good as previous BBC adaptations.

    1. But if you're feeling deprived, there's an adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's Decline and Fall on its way. Don't know who's in it,but one to look forward to.

  7. I am in denial! Sunday evenings will never be the same, will they? I'll probably be in my pj's too, maybe with a snack and definitely with a box of tissues. I do hope Edith finds happiness. She quietly became my favorite character. I did hear a rumor that there might be a Downton film - fingers crossed for that!

  8. House of Mirth is the Downton Abbey of America. The film version was not well done so I would be most happy to see Julian Fellowes tackle Wharton's novels.