Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Amanda Brooks' English-Country Style

The living room in Amanda Brooks' house in England

If there's one type of architecture that captures my heart, it's an English country farmhouse. The September issue of Architectural Digest arrived just in time to satisfy my passion. There is a great article on writer Amanda Brooks' Oxfordshire house which hits all the right notes:  timeworn ceiling beams, reclaimed wood counter tops, vintage farmhouse kitchen table, unpainted plaster, pine cabinetry, piggery turned into a painting studio, garden shed, boot room, and rose-filled gardens. Sigh... this is my dream house. Take a look at this lovely place, decorated by Amanda Brooks who brought to the decoration her favorite aesthetic -- English-country style which she loves for its "timelessness and lack of pretension." Oh yes, I could live here! This house simply exudes warmth and coziness.

The 1820's farmhouse owned by Amanda and Christopher Brooks

A corner of the living room

Living room

Tea tray in a sunny niche of the living room

Sitting room



Their daughter's bedroom

Master bedroom

Boot room

Garden shed

Amanda Brooks in her garden

Go here to read more about Amanda Brooks and her Oxfordshire farmhouse. All photos via here.

What is your dream house?


  1. That one though I'd take Hampton Court. I love all things English, but my favorite thing was the bird tableaux.

  2. This one - this is my dream house. I was looking at it on and off all day yesterday.

  3. What a beautiful house Sunday. I adore everything about the interior and the garden. I think I love the boot room the best!! How beautiful is Amanda too, standing there next to her roses. My type of decorating.......... "lack of pretention" spot on. Thank you Sunday........I'm moving in too....hahaha xx

  4. I love it! Especially the boot room....

  5. Beautiful! So much color. And I love seeing peoples' bookshelves :)

  6. Finally picked up a copy, thanks to you! Looking forward to her book about the transition to English country life.