Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Tour Day

Today was the Garden Conservancy "Open Days" tour in West Los Angeles.  After an early morning rain, it cleared up by 8:00 am and the day turned sunny and gorgeous.  My garden was on the tour and I met some lovely people who wanted to know all about the plants.

We talked about the David Austin roses, the teucrium hedge, the heliotrope, and the alstroemeria.

They loved the story about finding my fountain in a small antique store in Pasadena.

They enjoyed meeting my landscape designer Tim Lindsay.

We had lovely volunteers who checked in all our guests.

Sign pointing the way

But the plant  most people wanted to talk about was the Tree Peony.  We just put it in last week and many people had never seen one before.  What a wonderful day.  New friends, lots of garden talk, and ideas exchanged.   I am so happy to be a member of the Garden Conservancy. 


P.S.  When was down last week I lost some of your lovely comments on my last blogpost. Fortunately is up and running again.


  1. Ahhh, now this is beautiful L.A.

  2. So beautiful, wish I had known about the tour. I have a tree peony at my home in Martha's Vineyard - love it. Have never seen one here. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the fountain.

  3. How lovely, and the sun came out for you. Your gardens and home are beautiful! The tree Peony is awesome, I am going to look for one. I'm hanging on to all your photographs for much needed inspiration.........

    The French Hutch

  4. So gorgeous! the garden looked amazing. congrats on such a successful weekend

  5. oh I love that picture of you and TIM!!!!

  6. wow, this is your garden?! it's so beautiful. i love that the backyard is not dominated by just a pool like so many in so cal. it really is a garden. so v pretty! would love to have seen it.


  7. It looks as if your garden tour was a marvelous success! And deservedly so, it is absolutely beautiful, I love the colours and the planting is exquisite, I particularly love the citrus trees, I'd love to be able to grow them. Your outdoor dining area is complete perfection, I imagine it is used much more frequently in the wonderful LA sun than we would be able to in London!