Sunday, May 22, 2011

Robinson Gardens in Bloom

Morning Room:  Anna Clark Designs and Lily Pad Floral Design 

The gardens at Virginia Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills are known by many people.  A visitor can make an appointment to tour them. The house however is not open to the public for tours.  A guest is typically taken to the center hall of the house and can peer into the dining room, library, and living room.  But there is one day that the entire house is open to the public and that is the day of the "into the Garden..." Tour that happens once a year during the month of May.  Each room of the house is decorated by florists and interior designers and the guests can see the entire house in all its splendor before exiting out onto the Great Lawn for a garden party and lavish lunch.
This year's event was on May 13 and here are some images of the rooms embellished and adorned by some of Los Angeles' most talented florists and designers.

Morning Room

Dining Room:  Christofle Paris and Marc Byrd Eventful Flower Design

Library:  Suzanne Rheinstein

Suzanne Rheinstein with some of the beautiful botanicals from Hollyhock

Suzanne signing her new book "At Home"

Here I am with two of the wonderful friends I worked with on this event

Master Bedroom:  Yves Delorme and Sticks & Stones Florist

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom:  Bel-Air Garden Club and Friends of Robinson Gardens

Galleria Bar:  B & L Rootenberg Rare Books and Beverly Hills Garden Club

The Kitchen:  Anthropologie and Teryl Designs

The newly refurbished stove, decorated by Anthropologie

Rear Patio Concierge Guest Seating:  Wildflower Events

Close-up of Table

Rear Patio:  Kristen Buckingham and Sally Paul

Entrance Hall:  Mindy Weiss

This year's theme was "Under the Tuscan Sun" and you can see from the above photo how one of the designers brought it to life in the Entrance Hall.   The 2011 "into the garden..." Tour turned out beautifully and I think the guests truly enjoyed seeing the Virginia Robinson House transformed by the talented florists and designers who participated.  


  1. So Italian! and beautiful! (I guess those two are synonymous!)

  2. If ever I am in Beverly Hills in the month of May, I know where I'll plan to go. Robinson Gardens is lovely. I would love to attend the garden party and the luncheon, it must have been amazing to dine there so like "Under the Tuscan Sun" I must mention the floral arrangements, "bello". Anthropologie had all the right ideas in the kitchen.
    Lovely post.

    The French Hutch

  3. Sunday, firstly I would like to thank you for your very kind words, I am sincerely touched by your comments. Secondly, WOW...what a sensational event to work on! Love the photo of you and your look very happy and I love your dress...beautiful!

    I am off to add you to my sidebar and follow...and I look forward to both :)

    Best wishes...

    Jeanne xxx

  4. What a wonderful event!! Everything is beautiful. I of course love the Suzanne Rheinstein room and those flowers in the master are incredible. You and your friends did a fabulous job!! And I just love your dress!!

  5. We enjoyed the day so much. You did a great job planning the event, from the touring gardens, to the luncheon back at Robinson Gardens. We're going to make it a yearly tradition. Also, love your dress too.

  6. Oh, those windows in the master bathroom! That patio! Gorgeous!

  7. Really spectacular! I would love to live in any of those rooms :) XOL

  8. What a beautiful tour! I'm sure you had loads of fun. I love the drapes hung higher than the frames of the doors to give the impression of height. The kitchen! Amazing! The back patio was over the top, my, my. I liked the eclectic mix combined with a very cozy feel.

  9. Sunday, what a gorgeous tour. Fabulous! I truly adore the back patio, just glorious. What a lovely event. xo Lidy