Friday, July 8, 2011

Feeling Very French

When I was in New York recently I discovered a wonderful shop on Madison Avenue near 89th called Keesal & Matthews.  It was filled with fabulous home decor items, including dishes, glassware, and linens.  I bought this small pillow and hung it on the door to my study.  Every time I see it I smile.

In a couple weeks I am hosting my book club meeting and we are reading "The Paris Wife" by Paula McLain.  It is about Ernest Hemingway's first wife.  We are also reading "A Moveable Feast" by Hemingway.  I am very excited as I am still basking in the afterglow of  Woody Allen's new film "Midnight in Paris."  I am going to Paris in the fall for my birthday.  So I am in a very French mood!

I bought these beautiful editions of some novels by Colette a while ago, and I'm reminded that I wanted to reread these classics.  She is one of my favorite authors.

This biography of Colette came out a few years ago and I remember loving it.  Colette was a flamboyant personality and a writer of many classics of twentieth-century literature.  She wrote the novel "Gigi" which was turned into an amazing film.  My favorite books by her are "Cheri" and "The Break of Day."

A friend recently gave me this beautiful and useful book on Paris that contains great restaurant, hotel, sights, and shop recommendations.  I can't wait to dip into it as I plan the fall trip to Paris.

I went to this gorgeous art exhibition -- "Paris, Life & Luxury --  at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.  This beautiful book from the exhibition reminds me of what a knock-out this show is.  It consists of period rooms decorated in French colors and ornamentation that are filled with exquisite objects that would have been found in the homes of wealthy Parisians in the 18th- century.  If you have a chance, don't miss this exhibition.

Madeleine Cookies from Dorie Greenspan

I have been thinking about what I will make for lunch for my book club and have decided to do a French-themed menu. I will thumb through Julia Child, Dorie Greenspan, and "Barefoot in Paris" for ideas.  But the one recipe I will definitely include will be madeleine cookies.  I hope that my friends will love this.

Bon week-end!


  1. So lovely! I love the little door knob pillow. Also, think your blog is very inspirational and takes me to a whole other place. :)

  2. I want that Taschen Paris book! Seems like a must-have :)

    xo bon nuit

  3. A friend is leaving for Paris this fall as well and I think I'll have to find the Taschen book to give to her soon. Barefoot in Paris has a wonderful vegetable tian using tomatoes, potatoes, zuchinni, and onions topped with grated Gruyere. You might like to try it - the perfect season as these crops are coming in.

  4. GORGEOUS! dying to read the french wife

  5. I love your little Paris pillow. I have one I enjoy too. I understand your french mood, I get this way too when planning a trip. We may go to Paris too, in the fall. Maybe we'll bump into one another. I'll look forward to you sharing your memories through your photos. Your books look so interesting, I'll add a couple to my book list.

    The French Hutch

  6. Look forward to reading your thoughts on The Paris Wife, I've got my eye on that book, too!

  7. "The Paris Wife is a very interesting novel. I had the opportunity of meeting Hemingway's 4th wife, Mary in Sun Valley, Idaho in 1977. I also sat next to Jack Hemingway at a dinner party given by my in-laws in Sun Valley that same summer.He was there with his wife, Puck, who was recovering from breast cancer. Jack was very pleasant, funny and loved talking about hunting and fishing. He wrote for Field and Stream at the time. I had little experience with either hunting or fishing. Judie Carroll

  8. At almost any given time, I'd rather be in Paris. My favorite city in the world. Curious what you think of The Paris Wife. I almost bought it at Diesel last week, but I have a stack unread on my nightstand. Lovely post.

  9. Oh my! Paris in the Fall! How perfect...we went in late Sept. last year. You will get to wear scarves and feel oh so french! Madeleines are so yummy and they are SO easy (shhh) I've pasted the link to one of my posts that are about Madeleine's for my daughter's book club.

  10. Sunday, I am sure your friends will be thrilled with your menu made lines. I'd say you have everything you need to put you in the spirt for a trip to Paris. I have yet to read The Paris Wife. The Life of Colette looks very intriguing! I picked up Hemingway's 'Green Hills of Africa' in a used book shop recently. I love discovering books that of my little passion's. I have Taschen's Paris and London....both great books!

    Best wishes Sunday!

    Jeanne xxx

  11. Keesal and Matthews is right around the corner from my Dr.'s office so I am in there often and will be tomorrow. Love your little door sign. Totally envious that you will be going to Paris in the fall - I am just dying for a trip. I'm sure your madeleines will be delicious!!