Monday, July 4, 2011

Outdoor Dining Room

I have been dreaming about eating dinner outside for about a month now.  We finally got some beautifully warm weather that allowed us to dine outside with our friends.  Now that we have our new garden I find myself decorating it for a dinner party the way I would decorate any room in my house.  It's an outdoor room that I want to adorn with flowers.  And because it is a rather compact space, it is easy for flowers to have an impact.  The garden was our background and we had the most glorious night eating outside.

The table set for dinner

I called on one of my favorite florists Holly Flora to make some arrangements for me.  Holly Vesecky came to the house on Saturday and created some beautiful garden moments, inside and out.  She brought some gorgeous peonies and put them in almost every arrangement.   There is something so romantic about these flowers.  They really have a sumptuous beauty!

I moved the begonias to the patio to decorate our eating area

These plants decorated the barbecue area

Another little floral touch

The trumpet vine is finally starting to get established on the pergola above our patio

I also wanted flowers inside the house.  Here are some more arrangements done by Holly, all featuring peonies.  This one is in the entry way.  I always find that  her arrangements remind me of a Dutch still life painting.

Another hallway table

Powder Room vignette

Family room where we had coffee

Family room


Another view of this arrangement

Kitchen table

Now that the dinner party is over I get to enjoy all the flowers outside and inside.  They really set the stage and created the right mood for our alfresco dinner.  My spirits are still high as I enjoy all the scenes of beauty created by Holly Flora.


  1. How lovely Sunday!! What incredibly beautiful arrangements. I'm sure your dinner was fabulous as well!!

  2. What beautiful images just adore these flowers!! And what a gorgeous home you have, how lucky your guests were to be invited to dine in such lovely surroundings!
    Thank you so much for stopping by today, it gave me the opportunity to visit your blog and get acquainted.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh these are my very favourite kind of posts, I love the details of parties and the thought and effort that goes in behind the scenes. These flowers are just spectacular, I love their loose informality and abundance and the colours are perfection and I totally agree, they also remind me of Dutch still life painting. I really wish I lived near Holly Flora! Your outdoor dining room is wonderfully inviting and so beautiful, I imagine you must spend lovely warm evenings out there, I'd love to see some photos at night lit with your new garden lighting too.
    I love your powder room wallpaper - a lovely toile!

  4. holy moly those pictures are so gorgeous!

  5. Stunning. Now, you need to wear a peony in your hair like Zelda Fitzgerald!

  6. I really miss CAlifornia... those flowers are amazing!

  7. How amazingly beautiful. Your home is so lovely, the only thing making it better are the beautiful floral arrangements. Thanks for sharing......

    The French Hutch

  8. Your home and flowers are stunning! The table scape is especially lovely.

  9. Absolutely stunning Sunday...the flowers, your terrace, your beautiful table setting and your HOME! So lovely :)

    Best wishes Sunday, I loved this post!

    Jeanne xxx

  10. Beautiful floral arrangements...I love peonies and what beautiful rich colored ones these are. This must have been a wonderful party.

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment, I am sure that you will have a good time in Paris ~ I can hardly wait to go back!

  11. Absolutely magical! very beautiful!

  12. I can just imagine what a wonderful dining experience that was. It’s evident how much thought you’ve put in the decoration of your outdoor space. It really seemed like an extension of your home with a clear view of the garden. With more thought on the pergola or a more effective shade, this space can turn into an official dining area.

    Jeremy Beauregard

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