Saturday, October 22, 2011

Martha's New Book on Entertaining

Thirty years after her first book "Entertaining" was published, Martha Stewart has written a new book on entertaining and it hits the bookstores on October 25.  "Martha's Entertaining,  A Year of Celebrations" has been eagerly awaited and is now available for all of us to enjoy for the holiday season.   I have always been a fan of Martha's and in the early years of her magazine and television show I learned many things about home and garden from her. She really was and always has been a marvelous teacher.

When we designed our home in Los Angeles, I was inspired by many of the architectural and design features of her home in Connecticut that she shared with her readers over the years.  I grew up in New England and her seasonal and classic approach to cooking, gardening, and decorating always resonated with me.  I was often homesick for that part of the world and her show allowed me to be an armchair traveller and to experience all of the New England seasons while living in Los Angeles.  I loved watching her snowy Christmases and her cozy and autumnal Thanksgivings.  Her books on holiday entertaining were always excellent, and I still pull them out for decorating ideas around the holidays.

Here is a sneak peak at Martha's new book via "martha moments"

Martha's Peony Party at Bedford

Biscuits and Scones on the porch at Bedford

Autumn arrangement 

Christmas Dinner

In writing about the new book in the November issue of her magazine "Living," she says that while the basic tenets have stayed the same, there are lots of secrets and shortcuts, tips and hints, easy instructions, fabulous recipes, and new inspiration for more extraordinary and more innovative gatherings.  I for one can't wait to buy Martha's new book on entertaining and be inspired for the upcoming holidays.

 "Entertaining" by Martha Stewart has been on my kitchen bookshelf for many years


  1. Martha is a maestro of home comforts. I will have to add this book to my wishlist, the preview is very enticing. I love thirty years later how on the cover of 'Entertaining' the table set up still feels very modern and interesting, the colours are fresh and the design is timeless. Lovely post.

  2. Oh there's a book for my Christmas wish list!
    I was so inspired by the Martha Living Show back in the 1990's. My family knew it was "my special show and I would be unavailable unless it was an emergency!

  3. It hardly seems possible that those thirty years have passed since "Entertaining" was published. Like those who comment before me, a definite item for the wish list this holiday. Lovely post, Sunday.

  4. Oh, but Sunday, you could write the book! xo

  5. I absolutely agree!
    Martha is a wonderful teacher and an inspiring human being.
    I have learnt many things from her over the years - from all about historical maps to growing peony roses to how to use all my kitchen bits and pieces.
    I know she cops a lot of negative press for setting impossible standards for women of today - but I think those who knock her are just missing the point.

  6. I bought her first entertaining book and remember how everyone was shocked at it's price. And nobody knew who Martha Stewart was at the time. I thought the book was so special, and so beautiful, I knew she was going to be big. So now I always say "I knew Martha when", lol.