Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome Autumn

Sometimes it's the simple pleasures in life that make us feel good.  I took this photo last October at the Stonewall Kitchen in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Looking at it has me longing for Halloween and all the delights of the fall season.  This season always goes by so fast and this year I hope I can slow down and enjoy each precious moment.

Staying at a charming country hotel in New England is a favorite thing to do this time of the year

You are surrounded by all the splendors of nature 

 Country roads beckon 

People go all out to decorate for the fall season.  This scene is from the beautiful village of Woodstock, Vermont.

Store front windows have such charming displays

This is the country store at Shelburne Farms, Vermont

We visit Maine each year and always return to MC Perkins Cove Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine.  It has great seasonal food, including a delicious clam chowder.

Bates College, my alma mater, is always part of our trip.  Here is the quad in October during Homecoming Weekend.


Fall with all its bounty has definitely arrived here in Los Angeles and it almost seems to have snuck in and appeared when I wasn't paying attention.  Just the other day I noticed that the stores are stocked with squashes and pumpkins of all kinds, the weather has cooled down, and my neighbors have artfully arranged pumpkins on their porches.  I decided to get busy and do some fall decorating of my own.

The front door of my house is now ready for trick-or-treaters and Thanksgiving guests

 Flowers bring in the palette of fall and create a mood of celebration in the house

These yellow roses in the hallway add some golden fall color

I love these cheerful dahlias in the kitchen

I bought these cookie cutters last November in San Francisco and my goal this autumn season is to make shortbread cookies in these shapes and dip them in chocolate.  I think they will make great hostess gifts.   A platter of shortbread cookies served with butter pecan ice cream and caramel sauce would be a delicious dessert for a cozy dinner at home.

We all know it will speed by, so let's try to enjoy every wonderful moment of the season.  This time of year is all about the comforts of home.  I would love to know --  how do you decorate your house for fall and what recipes are you cooking now that there's a chill in the air?


  1. Such beautiful photos! I especially love that shop window in Woodstock--looks like my kind of place!

    In the fall, I decorate with plenty of gourds inside and out, spicy scented candles, and a felt leaf garland. I bake more, in general, especially with pumpkin and apples, and I make lots of soups and pot pies.

  2. The images of Maine are wonderful. It looks like a charming quiet place to relax and walk from shop to shop enjoying the colours of fall.

  3. Such beautiful images of New England. This is a favorite season of mine, the chill in the morning air and we've just had our first frost of the season. I have Mums and lanterns to greet my guest at the door and you'll probably find Vegetable soup simmering on the cooktop. This is one of the ways I embrace this season, simple pleasures of home, family and friends.
    Your flower arrangements are lovely. Enjoy your Fall.....

    The French Hutch

  4. Your photos are amazing....ahhhhh.....fall in New England.



  5. I LOVE the front door!! Reminds me... might be time for another craft night--this time to make wreaths!

  6. Love all the fall New England photos. And what perfect timing - I'm headed up to Bates this weekend with my daughter for her interview!! Sunday - you're the perfect person to ask - where is the best place to stay - just one night - Friday?

  7. Such beautiful images, Sunday. I love Autumn and I love it the best in New England, especially Vermont. You brought it all home to me here.

    I mostly decorate inside, for any pumpkins and gourds outdoors just act as feed fro the critters running about. We have soooo many leaves that they take on a scene of their own making. Always, though, always a wreath on the door.

  8. Beautiful colours and your door and interior decorations are wonderful. You are so right, this season passes very quickly and I like to try and enjoy it as much as possible. I'm absolutely mad for pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie - yum! Thanks for your lovely comment :-) Love from London xo

  9. Love the wreath on your front door!

  10. Hausfrau, scented candles are a great idea and I love all your baking with pumpkins and apples.

    Emily, love the soup simmering on the stove. Mums and lanterns at the door sound lovely.

    Amelia, a wreath-making craft night, what a good idea! Can I come? I think Martha has a book on that.

    Stacy, the Hilton Garden Inn is the best place to stay. Have fun!

  11. This was a perfect post! M. and I headed out soon on a college road trip through RI, MA, VT, and NH. I cannot wait to see all of the campuses at this time of the year. I've been to Bates College to pick up my sister long ago! It was lovely! Your flower arrangement are nothing short of gorgeous, my goodness.