Monday, May 19, 2014

If You Love Flowers...

The Library at Robinson Gardens

May is a glorious month for gardens and if you live in Los Angeles you probably know that May is the month for a very special garden event. It is when the Robinson Gardens Tour happens (this year on May 17) and the house that Virginia and Harry Robinson built in 1912 is decorated by florists and designers and opened to the public. It's the best garden party in town!

The Living Room

Part of the event is the opportunity to see four private gardens in Los Angeles. After seeing those gardens everyone arrives at the Robinson estate ready for lunch and festivities. It is always fun to walk through the house first before going out to the great lawn for lunch. If you love flowers, you will be in heaven. Each room is bursting with gorgeous floral arrangements. Here are some of the highlights of  the Robinson Gardens House this year.

The living room was decorated with sumptuous flower arrangements by Sticks and Stone

Interior design by Marcie Bronkar

The Morning Room
Interior design by Kathleen Spiegelman and Hollyhock

The morning room feels old school and could easily be the setting for a tea tray brought in by Mr. Carson from "Downton Abbey." This room's femininity was enhanced by the gorgeous flower arrangements bursting with pink peonies created by Eric Buterbaugh.

Love the blue and white vase filled with peonies

The Library
Floral design by Mark's Garden, Interior design by Mindy Weiss

For me the library was the stand-out room. The theme was books, flowers and enchantment. The designers created a fantasy dreamscape for garden and book lovers. Mark's Garden designed a bridge table made out of roses that was absolutely amazing. The florist created ropes of greenery and roses which he hung on library ladders. These were displayed all around the room and looked very pretty against the leather bound books. This room was magical.

There I am taking a photo of the mantel

Master Bath
Flowers by Beverly Hills Garden Club

Dining Room
Flowers by Mark Byrd

Kitchen Patio
Flowers by Edie Zaratsian
Patio Glassware from Mayfair House

Le Creuset ceramics from Mayfair House
Such a gorgeous shade of green!

"There is material enough in a single flower for the ornament of a score of cathedrals."
-- John Ruskin

If you love flowers and are in Los Angeles next May, be sure to get a ticket for the outstanding Robinson Gardens Tour!


  1. Beautiful.
    I am down in the SC marshes at the moment and the air if full of jasmine and roses. Heady, romantic and wonderful! Such a delicious time of year. xo

  2. What a wonderful tour. I agree that May is a beautiful month for flowers. I am enjoying the emergence of my peonies and roses along with the lushness of everything else.

    1. Janet, you are so lucky to be able to grow peonies! My favorite flowers.

  3. So sorry I missed it this year. That library rose table is a work of art, really magnificent.

  4. I could spend all day in the morning room!

  5. I LOVE peonies. I just want to bury myself in those floral arrangements!

  6. What beauty wish I could take the tour,will have to make do with the Chelsea flower show!

    1. Judith, how lucky you are to see that! I would love to go one day.

  7. Wow, this is the kind of house tour that I would adore seeing. Thank you for sharing it. The library garlands are gorgeous.... The morning room, sigh.

  8. This is one garden party I would love to attend! The house filled with beautiful cut flowers makes for a lovely tour. The peonies leave me breathless until I arrived at the library where the fantasy of the rose covered table once again takes my breath away! Simply stunning. Thank you for the tour Sunday...................

  9. Such a feast for the eyes! The library looks amazing and I love the green dishes.

  10. Love the flowers in the library - that red works so well. Whenever peonies come into season I always wonder how Zelda Fitzgerald managed to wear one in her hair - they are so full-blown and heavy!