Friday, April 22, 2011

Fabulous New "Bon Appetit"

"Bon Appetit," the venerable food magazine that along with "Food and Wine," and "Fine Cooking" ("Gourmet" being no longer with us) has been my go-to source for recipes for many years, has been redesigned by its new editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport.  The verdict -- it's exciting, fresh, hip and gorgeous.  The first issue is dedicated to Italy and is filled with all kinds of Italian-style food inspiration.

I have two three-ring notebooks that are bulging with recipes torn our of "Bon Appetit" that I cook from all the time.   I have been reading this magazine for thirty years at least. These recipes are tried and true, and I know they will always turn out well.  When I heard that the magazine was being redesigned I was excited.  Why not?  Everything can use a little freshening up, and this redesign is a wonderful new interpretation of the format.  As Rappoport says in his first "Letter from the Editor," 

"the core of what has made the magazine so strong for 55 years won't change.  Bon Appetit is still going to be about cooking.  But how we present this information will differ a bit.  We don't want to just tell you what to cook -- we want to tell you how to cook it, and why to cook it, now.  In May, 2011."

Cooking for me is all about comfort and deliciousness.  Being in my kitchen is pure happiness, surrounded by my cookbooks and notebooks full of magazine recipes.  I sit with a cup of coffee and my recipes, and plan a future dinner party.  I love going to my tried and true recipes and I also love trying new things.  I have many cookbooks in my kitchen and I try to use as many as I can, though I frequently rely on just a few.  But every now and then I branch out and cook from the ones that don't get used that often.  It's an adventure.

Here are some of my favorite "Bon Appetit" recipes from years past:

And now I can't wait to tackle some of the Italian recipes from this new issue.

I will definitely be making the cover recipe for "Pasta Al Pomodoro"


  1. Your seal of approval for these recipes is the gold standard! Thanks for making it so easy for all the rest of us to enjoy good food. xoxoxo

  2. YUM - I think my issue is somewhere in my intimidating pile of mail - ugh!! I will also have to come back and peruse your other Bon Appetit recipes. Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend!!

  3. I'm in NYC and just tonight at dinner (while eating at a very good Italian restaurant) - I was thinking to myself "Why don't I know how to make a good Pomodoro sauce?" and now, in bed, I see your post. Will be buying this magazine tomorrow. Thanks!!!

  4. i'm super curious about the cover recipe too!! it looks too simple to be true! :)

  5. nice to meet you via Quintessence blog -- I love this pasta and making me hungry and longing for a trip to Italy...thanks for the view. best, tamara stephenson