Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Poem for a Sister

Photo by Caren Levin

My daughter Heather Taylor is getting married in June.  Of course I have been filled with great happiness in anticipation of the big event.  The wedding season officially kicked into gear last week with a wedding shower for Heather that was given by my cousin who is also my dear, dear friend.  Heather's younger sister Megan Taylor was asked to write a poem in honor of Heather to read at the shower.  The poem was so wonderful that I wanted to share it with you.


In your name is the Earth.
The place I go when I need
to be grounded.  The place
you put your hands when
I need to be reminded:
everything's going to be ok.

Heather is a flower, a lush
consistent hush, a mountain,
a hill, a seaside room: for us.

There in it, we will play forever
speak a secret sound forever,
rule the town forever.  It's big
enough for the two us, we've
known such things since the 
beginning of time, when holding
hands who knew which were yours
and which were mine.

And of this other word I found 
inside your name: "he."  Him, his.
Alex.  Of his name I see the world
a circle, a cycle, the round of your 
ground.  I see all.  In this world 
of unknowns and uncertainties
I see everything in you.

All the answers, perfect timing,
sisters by the seaside
when holding hands, 
there is no question,
whether yours or mine,
we are together, intertwined
in this world that is forever ours.

--written by Megan Taylor
on the occasion of Heather's wedding shower


  1. How lovely. And how exciting for all of you! The girls are so lucky to have each other and will be for the rest of their lives. Good luck with all your planning - I hope you'll share some of it with us here.

  2. What an exquisite and loving poem. Filled with so much memory and deep caring. Congratulations to all of you and much happiness on Heather and Alex's wedding.

  3. I was among the lucky ones to hear Megan read this lovely tribute to Heather and their relationship. No doubt, a moment to cherish. xo

  4. my sis is such a talented creature! this poem of course brought me to tears and really brought the whole house down. i think time actually stopped at the peninsula. so beautiful. thank you sis. and thank YOU for this wonderful blog post. love.

  5. megan is soooo talented. i love the poem so much. I also just love knowing two sisters who are so ridiculously and amazingly close--it's a rare and beautiful thing!!

  6. What a blessing to hear such a rich treasure of love between sisters. Blessings on Megans incredible writing and Heathers new beginning ~


  7. ahhh,, so beautiful!!!!
    megan is so talented and sweet.