Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Invitations Have Arrived!

Botanical print used for Robinson Gardens invitation

I have been getting invitations to the Virginia Robinson Gardens "into the garden" Tour for many years. And yet the excitement never diminishes when the invitation arrives in the mail, because inevitably it is beautiful and always based on an antique botanical print. This year was no exception and I love the orange and green colors and the beautiful, classic illustration. This year I am co-chairing the event on May 13 and I am very excited about our "Under the Tuscan Sun" theme.  As usual we will have five exquisite private gardens to tour, as well as our garden party on the grounds of the historic Robinson Estate in Beverly Hills.

Front of the invitation

Inside information

Virginia Robinson Gardens is a hidden gem in Beverly Hills, six acres of gorgeous gardens and a Beaux-Arts mansion that was built in 1911.  Owned by Virginia and Harry Robinson, the estate was once the site of lavish Hollywood parties, whose attendees included Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, Sophia Loren, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  Shortly before her death, Virginia Robinson bequeathed the estate to Los Angeles County.  The County, along with the not-for-profit group Friends of Robinson Gardens, preserve and maintain the estate and the gardens.

Virginia Robinson Estate

Each year in May the Friends of Robinson Gardens put on their one and only fundraiser, the Robinson Gardens "into the garden Tour."  This is a beautiful all day event, starting with five exquisite private gardens in West Los Angeles to tour.  After this, the guests arrive at the estate in Beverly Hills and enjoy a tour of the house, which includes viewing the rooms that have been decorated by Los Angeles Florists and Designers.  This year Suzanne Rheinstein of Hollyhock will be decorating the Library.

Mrs. Robinson's bedroom decorated for Garden Tour by Barbara Barry, Inc.  and Silver Birches

Library decorated for Garden Tour by Chistofle Paris and Luna Gardens Events

After viewing the house, guests walk out to the Great Lawn where they enjoy a wonderful Garden Party that includes a sumptuous lunch, a fashion show, floral demonstrations, a boutique, book signings, and a high tea.  
If you live in Los Angeles or are visiting L.A. around May 13, and you enjoy gardens and garden parties, you should come to this event.  There is really nothing else like it in Los Angeles.
If you would like to order tickets, click here.


  1. I remember your post about last year's event and am so looking forward to seeing photos from this year's - I adore Suzanne Rheinstein's designs - can't wait to see what she does. The invitation is beautiful!!

  2. The 2 Divas have signed up and are looking forward. xoxoxo

  3. Margo, we are thrilled that you are coming "diva style" once again! xxoo

  4. I remember going to this a very long time ago -- it felt
    like I had been transported to another era. I also remember
    the dessert table being especially appealing and yummy.

  5. But who will do our makeup and hair? ;)

  6. Lynn,
    I remember how much fun we had. Didn't we also hostess that year at one of the properties? We definitely went together a couple of times. I will miss you this year!
    xo Sunday