Monday, September 10, 2012

Can We Feel It Yet?

Photo via here

You know what I'm talking about.  That wonderful feeling we start to get at this time of the year.  The crispness, the coziness, and the promise of autumn.  There is so much to look forward to. 

Fall produce starts to appear at the farmer's markets

Everywhere we look we find inspiration

Our color palette changes: earthy brown dishes from Heath Ceramics look really good for fall

Seasonal jams, honey, and homemade baked goods start to appear

A great cheese board and a glass of wine is what we want to eat 

Antique stores are filled with beautiful items

We want to be out in the countryside

Staying at a country inn

Photo via here

Walking through the trees

We want to decorate with pumpkins

 Bake pumpkin bread

 Make a bowl of warm and nourishing soup
Photo and recipe via here

And nothing sounds better than staying home and being cozy

It's all coming up, there's an excitement in the air.  Stay tuned, fall is filled with inspiration...


  1. Yes I feel it! Your beautiful photos have captured my mood perfectly.

  2. My favorite season! and it's only JUST begun :)

  3. An absolutely perfect post. Loved it. Happy autumn to you.

  4. Beautiful photographs that inspire my feelings towards the autumn season.

  5. Sunday, Everything looks beautiful and I am ready. Bonnie

  6. Thanks for the beautiful photos. I can't wait for the first rain and the first fire in the fireplace. Pumpkin soup and pomegranates, and wearing sweaters!

  7. My favorite season, and I love looking at these photos and wondering when Fall will hit LA? I did buy some Autumn colored flowers and some pomegranates for a bowl so at least it's Fall-ish inside our home. Can't wait to be outside in a sweater and boots!

  8. Pumpkin Bread!
    My absolute favourite treat of fall!